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Number of nights: [xfvalue_moon]

Number of people: from 1 to 15

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Tour cost: 595 $

Duration: 7days/6nights.

Pleces of visit: Tashkent-Urguentch-Khiva-Bukhara-Samarkand-Tashkent.

Tour summary

Being situated in the Heart of Central Asia, Uzbekistan from the early times lies on cross-roads of the Silk Road. Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva – are ones of the most ancient cities in the world attracting people by their blues domes. Between steppes and mountains live many different ethnic people, which represent powerful empires of nomads, which created treasures of art, science and architecture. You will discover magic of these cities. Also you will have the opportunity to visit the capital of Uzbekistan-Tashkent.



Day 1: Tashkent

Arrival to Tashkent. Transfer and accommodation in the hotel. City tour after lunch:the bazaar of Chorsu, and the architectural complex "Khazret-Imam" necropolis of imam Abu Bakr Muhammad al-Kaffal Shashi who was one of the first Muslim imamsand a famous prophet and poet (16thc.) A walk through the night Tashkent

Independence Square, Memorial of the Happy Mother.

The monument of Amir Temur.Dinner and overnight in the hotel.



Day 2: Tashkent-Urguentch-Khiva

Flight to Urgentch. Arrival and transfer to Khiva (30 km). Sightseeing in the city. Khiva is one of the most remarkable cities of the oasis of Khorezm. Capital of the khanat as of the XVIIe century, it was one of the largest markets of Central Asia and its prosperity lasted until the beginning of the XXe century. Today, the interior city Itchan Kala is a true open museum where one can admire the authenticity of the monuments: madrasah Muhammad Amin Khan, Kalta Minor (Minor Minaret), Kunya Ark, Muhammad Rahim Khan Madrasah, Mosque and the minaret of Juma, the Palace of Tash Hauli. After lunch tour with a visit to the inner city of Ichan-Kala (XIV-XX CC): minaret Islam Khoja, madrassah Khan Shirgazi, Mausoleum Pahlavan Mahmud. Dinner at the national restaurant with a folklore show program. Overnight at hotel.


Day 3: Khiva-Bukhara

Departure for Bukhara early in the morning (480km). Transfer through the Kizil Kum desert. Picnic on the way.On the way, you make stops to enjoy spectacular views of the great Amudarya (Oxus) river. Arrival and accommodation at the hotel.City tour: Mausoleum Chashma Ayub (12 - 16 centuries), inside there is a source of healing water, St. Job. Mausoleum of the Samanids (10th century) - the pearl of the architecture of Central Asia, the family tomb of the Samanid dynasty. Visit bazaar of Bukhara. Dinner at restoran-madrasa with folklore show program. Overnight at the hotel.



Day 4: Bukhara

This city is located in the valley Zarafshan and keeps it authentic charm. Bukhara was one of the major cities of the Silk Road, where merchants gathered to sell their goods , including carpets and jewelry. Although Islam was born elsewhere, in Bukhara that ranged home to development of this religion. The city is home to hundreds of Islamic schools: madrasas, and as many mosques and tombs of saints. Historic monuments bring us back to the medieval period.

The Ark (Citadel)-4th century, ensemble -Poi Kaliana 15-16th century, Kosh Madrasah in Ulugbek and Abdulaziz Khan 17th century, shopping domes: Toki Telpakfurushon, Zargaron Toki, Toki Sarafon the tim Abdoullakhan.Ensemble of LyabiHouse: HONAKO and madrasah Nodir Divan Begi (16th century), Kukeldash Madrassah (15th century), a monument to Khoja Nasreddin. Dinner. Night walk. Overnight at the hotel.



Day 5: Bukhara-Samarkand

Breakfast in the hotel. Drive to Samarqand. Hotel check-in. Free time for the rest. Sightseeing tour in Samarqand: Excavation of an ancient city and museum of Afrosiyab, Tombstone of Saint Danyar. Registan Square (XV-XVII CC), Dinner at the national restaurant. Night in Samarqand.


Day 6: Samarkand- Tashkent

After breakfast. City tour: Capital of Amir Timur (Tamerlan), Samarkand was the principal city of the Sogdiane antique. It thrived with the crossroads of the commercial main roads coming from China, of Siberia, of Perse and Occident, to the surge of the Mongolian hordes of Gengis Khan which destroyed the city before rebuilding it on ashes of the suburbs. Visit the famous mosque of Bibi Khanum, it is the glory of Timourides which we will celebrate in front of the mausoleum of Shakhi- Zinda. At side of the mausoleum of Roukhabad raises up the Gour-Emir, the tomb of the greatest conqueror contains the remaining of Timour, his sons and his grandsons.The Museum of Samarkand presents us the history of the Central Asia and theobservatory of Ulugbek(XVe), built on the Kouhak mount shows us the attractive personality of the grandson of Timour, sovereign, poet, philosopher and astronomer.Transfer to Tashkent by high speed train "Afrosiyab”. Arrive Tashkent hotel check in. Dinner. Overnight in Tashkent.



Day 7: Tashkent

After breakfast transfer to the airport.



·Domestic air-ticket Tashkent-Urgench

·Double/twin accommodation in the 3(4) star hotels with breakfast;

·All transfers by private air-conditioned bus or minibus;

·Comfortable bus/minibus service during tour;

·English speaking tour guide;

·Visa support;

·Mineral water during the transfers

·All train tickets.


·International Airflight;

·Visa fee (consular fee);


·Additional services in the hotels;

·Camera/Video fees;

·Any additional trips.

·Meals (except breakfast )

·Entrance fees for the monuments, museums and handicrafts workshops during the tour;

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